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Wedding Trend: How to Incorporate Dried Wedding Flowers

There’s no doubt that one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry nowadays is dried flowers. The reason for this floral revival? Its versatility! Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or a more contemporary one, dried flowers provide a whole new texture that can’t be achieved by fresh florals alone.

From beautifully crafted arches using pampas grass and seed pods to floral arrangements and other trinkets filled with dried blooms such as baby’s breath, carnation, statice, and lavender, the popularity of these preserved stems is all thanks to their longevity and the vintage yet timeless look they add to your wedding aesthetics. No need to worry about flowers wilting or looking too lackluster even after your big day is long over.  

Before we look into the ways you can use dried flowers on your wedding to give it that extra wow factor, let’s first understand the benefits of using preserved florals. 

Why Dried Flowers? 

They Tend To Last Longer Than Fresh Ones 

Aside from elevating your wedding’s aesthetics, one of the biggest benefits of dried flowers is their longevity. They won’t only withstand the duration of your ceremony, they can last for up to several years if they are of good quality. Dried flowers can last from one to ten years if cared for properly. In comparison, fresh blooms will wither after 5 to 6 days.  

Versatility & Availability

Though dried flowers are often seen in vintage and rustic weddings, they can practically fit anywhere with how versatile they look. From boho weddings to home garden celebrations, these preserved stems suit almost every style. 

Another plus is that dried flowers are available all year round. You wouldn’t have to wait for spring or summer to get your favorite bloom. 


Who wouldn’t want to make their wedding look utterly stylish and beautiful while saving a few pounds? Depending on the vendor you choose, dried flowers tend to be a little less pricey than fresh blooms, making them a more cost-effective alternative. With dried flowers, you get what you pay for and more as you can keep them around for longer in contrast to their fresh counterparts. 

dried flower arrangement

How Do I Incorporate Dried Flowers Into My Wedding?

There are many creative ways to add dried flowers to your overall aesthetic. Make your wedding extra special by taking advantage of their natural hue and the nostalgic charm they give off. 

Here are just some ways you can transform your big day with dried flowers. 

As Bridal Accessories 

Let’s start with you. Look even more gorgeous in your wedding photos by adding bits and pieces of dried flowers into your look. Adding the subdued beauty that dried flowers have into your ensemble can give an extra ethereal look.

A popular and visually appealing way to use dried flowers is to create flower crowns. You can mix and match different flower petals and stems until you achieve the crown of your dreams. Floral crowns can also be worn by flower girls, bridesmaids, and your maid of honor. Everyone can rock a floral crown, especially one that’s made with dried flowers. 

If flower crowns are not for you, dried flowers can also be woven into braids or other hairstyles. This gives off a boho-chic look and feel, elevating your bridal beauty even further. 

You can also look into incorporating dried flowers on your nails. Though it’s a small and subtle detail, expertly crafted nail art can make your wedding look even more stunning and memorable. 

On Bouquets, Buttonholes, Posies, & Corsages 

Because of their romantic beauty, dried flowers make for more sophisticated and elegant bouquets, buttonholes, and corsages. One thing to note when using dried flowers, however, is to keep it simple and at a minimum. Less is more. 

Dried flowers are known for their earthy yet soft tones, but don’t feel limited to using only neutral colors. Play around. There is a wide range of dried flowers in every color you can imagine. Deep reds, purples, light blues, bright yellows, and the list goes on. 

For a more uniform look between you and your bridesmaids, you can even make smaller versions of your bouquet to match their buttonholes or posies.

dried wedding flower bouquet

In The Wedding Decor 

Depending on the time of the year or your theme, you can either keep your flower arrangements simple yet still pretty or go all out. Just keep in mind that one of the most obvious parts of your wedding is the decor as it is the accents and centerpieces that people notice when they first walk in. With dried flowers, you can wow your guests no matter how simple your decor is. 

Look for dried flowers that will compliment your theme. Take note of colors and where you intend to put them. 

Bunch up some dried flowers and pampas grass and voila—an eye-catching centerpiece for every table. Try incorporating hanging wreaths or garlands that fit your theme. You can even add small flowers and natural accents at the end of every chair. And why not have your flower girl toss out dried blooms confetti as well? 

The options are endless when it comes to dried flowers so be creative with it!  

wedding cake with dried flowers

As Wedding Favors 

Dried flowers don’t just make your venue look pretty, they can also elevate your wedding favors to guests and gifts for the bridal party all while adding in the look and feel of your wedding.

Nowadays, one of the most popular bridal gifts is a personalized phone case. Include a few dried petals, stems, and leaves here and there and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind present. Aside from phone cases, you can also add dried blooms on glassware, flasks, picture frames, and other items. 

As for wedding favors, you can always create a great smelling potpourri with dried flowers and herbs all tucked inside a pretty pouch. You can also simply use them as decoration on tiny boxes of treats or on mini frames.  

You can also include dried flowers on your wedding invitations, guestbook, seating charts, menus, and you can even put them atop your cake. The list is endless. No matter how you incorporate dried blooms into your wedding, they will surely make this milestone of an event even more special and memorable.  

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