The Wedding Awards 2018

So this time of year is awards season in the wedding industry. (Yes, there is a whole industry that surrounds that one big day!) These are the more business type awards rather than photography specific ones (I’ll talk about those another time). Basically, you can win awards for how well you run your business, how happy you make your clients or sometimes for not really doing anything at all! Apparently I’ve just won an award for excellence in wedding photography from Luxlife magazine. Awesome!

The fact is there are loads of awards out there and this year I purposely haven’t entered any of them. Partly because they cost quite a lot of money to enter but mostly because there are so many and I didn’t have the time or energy to work out which ones are well run and worth winning and which are just a pretty but useless badge for your website. (Disclaimer: The Wedding Industry Awards seems to be quite a good one. I was a regional finalist last year.)

Anyway, this year I’ve decided to have my own awards! I’m awarding my clients for being amazing and having, in my opinion, the best weddings of the year! So here goes, in no particular order, the Amanda Balmain Photography Wedding Awards of 2018!!

The Coolest Bride

The coolest bride of 2018 had to be Sonya at her Axnoller House wedding. We only just managed to convince her not to walk down the aisle in her shades. Her argument: “Why not? It’s sunny!” Totally chilled out these guys had a wonderfully relaxed celebration that went on all weekend.

 Axnoller House wedding photographer

The Proudest Dad

A close one to judge but Abi’s Dad Paul just wins it mainly due to this image right here. He also had a few teary moments and the sweetest father daughter dance ever. Aw!

 Tuscan wedding photographer

The Happiest Groom

Pretty sure Andrew had face ache from smiling quite so big all day. Seriously I don’t think I have a photo of him where he isn’t grinning from ear to ear!

 Crewe Hall wedding photographer

The Happiest Bridesmaids

Lucie and Sarah were Eleanor’s maids at her Yellow Broom wedding. I’d be pretty happy if I got to wear those dresses too!

 Knutsford wedding photographer

The Cutest Flower Girls

So all flower girls are cute of course but these two at Abbie and Callum’s Keele Hall wedding were especially hilarious. Mainly due to this little one and her love of the camera!

 Keele Hall wedding photographer

The Sweetest Ceremony

I quite often shed a tear during the speeches but I’m usually safe in the ceremony. Not so at Andrew and Helen’s wedding where they had written their own vows. They are just the sweetest!

 Cranage Hall wedding photographer

The Happiest Couple

These two giggled and laughed all day long. Seriously, if laughter is the best medicine Amy and Dan should live forever!

 Falcon Manor wedding photographer

Best Homemade Details

A lot of my couples made their own table plans and favours this year. But Alison and Chris went the extra mile and grew their own flowers. The Roebuck at Mobberley was filled with daffodils all grown at their home.

 The Roebuck Mobberley wedding photographer

Best Speeches

I love all the speeches, even the really terrible best man jokes. But I’m afraid Alex blew away all the competition by including video messages from not just friends but also BBC presenters Dan Walker and The Carol Kirkwood! Grace’s face was priceless! He also gets bonus points for making everyone cry.

 Abbeywood Estate wedding photographer

Bravest Couple

When Sarah and Chris’ wedding took place in the middle of a surprise late snowfall they didn’t miss a beat. They stood out for pictures in heavy snow and even went to the lake on a golf cart in the coldest wind of the year. Totally worth it for snowy pictures!

 Styal Lodge wedding photographer

Most Romantic Sunset

Sometimes the weather just seems timed perfectly and Mitch and Miriam were blessed with the most gorgeous afternoon. Their walk on the golf course at sunset was completely stunning.

 Hartford Golf Club wedding photographer

Best Party

These girls know how to party and totally did it with style. There was an amazing band, a piñata, a silent disco and endless dancing. So much fun and a night to remember!

 Warborne Farm wedding photographer

Congratulations to all the winners! Feel free to celebrate with a glass of bubbly and an acceptance speech!

So that’s a wrap. The 2018 awards are over! Seriously though, all my clients are brave, happy, romantic, sweet and beautiful. I’ve loved all of my weddings this year and I can’t wait for more in 2019!

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