The Best of 2017 from Amanda Balmain Photography

It’s 2017 roundup time as I wave goodbye to another awesome year filled with some absolutely gorgeous weddings that still surprise me in how unique they all are. My business continues to grow steadily and while sometimes I wish it would grow faster that steady pace allows me to continue to enjoy what I do and still have a life. As my children get older and need less from me I find myself wanting to shoot more and more and I can’t get enough weddings. So bring it on 2018!

2017 for me has mostly been about getting more organised. Sorting out systems and scheduling my work so that I can take on more of it without getting overwhelmed. What I’ve realised about running a wedding photography business is that if you let them, the business tasks can take over and you can easily lose your creativity. Being more organised about the day to day tasks is allowing me to pick up my camera more often and get creative. This brings back the joy of what I do and helps me to grow as a photographer.

In 2017:
I had a wedding featured on Love My Dress.
I shot weddings in Wales, Scotland, Liverpool and much closer to home at Crewe and Rookery Hall.
I shot my first styled shoot at Stock Farm in Knutsford which was amazing fun.
I travelled to Belfast and met some of my photography idols Gabe McLintock, India Earl and Lukas Pietek.
I won the summer competition with The Wedding Business Co.
I was a regional finalist in The Wedding Industry awards.
I shot a wonderful family session which I don’t do often but I loved it.
I had a wedding featured on Boho Weddings.
I’ve worked with some amazing suppliers and I’ve loved every one of my brides and grooms.

On a more personal note, I got to snorkel in dark caves in Gozo, I started shooting more video clips just for fun, I lost a stone and put half of it back on again, I had my picture in Cheshire Life, relearnt algebra to help with homework and I read loads of teen fiction. Sarah J. Maas is my new favourite!

So what will 2018 hold? Well, I’ve got some amazing collaboration shoots coming up that I’m really excited about as well as some awesome weddings booked in at venues new and old. I’ve started a 365 project, shooting every day that I hope will take my creativity to the next level. I’m sharing lots more on Instagram and working on growing my following there so hop on over and join me @cheshireweddingphoto. I’m going to be blogging quite a bit more too with some wedding planning features and lots of general advice so stay tuned for that. Overall I feel like my business is on the edge of something really good. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be an amazing year!

But on with the pictures. In no particular order just my favourites from a wonderful year.

  1. Sasha Oakes says:

    Such wonderful photos Amanda. Thank you for shooting our special day. So lovely to see some of ours amongst the other beautiful weddings! – Sasha x

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