Matlock Bath Engagement Photoshoot

Last summer I met up with Donna and Andy in Derbyshire for a Matlock Bath engagement photoshoot. This lovely couple are super sweet and totally chilled out. They didn’t mind where we went for the shoot and I always try to make it straightforward for my clients so we went for Matlock Bath as its about halfway between us. Andy also quite likes his fish so we thought we could check out the aquarium while we were there.

I have to say Matlock Bath is an unusual place! Kind of like being at the seaside but without the sea. It smells of fish and chips and there are arcades and souvenir shops but its in the bottom of a valley in the peak district. The aquarium had some nice fish but it is small and attached to it is the weirdest hologram exhibition I’ve ever seen! We still had a lot of fun and Donna and Andy laughed their way round as we chatted about their wedding and honeymoon plans.

Matlock Bath does have a very pretty river and some nice walks where we enjoyed the sunshine. Typically though it didn’t last long and we just made it back to our cars before the most torrential rainstorm I’ve ever seen. Andy and Donna had a beautiful wedding which I will share soon but for now enjoy their Matlock Bath engagement photoshoot.

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