A Stylish Cheshire Wedding with the Cutest Dogs

I’m back into proper blogging and I can now give all these summer weddings the features they deserve! Let me take you back to June.

 Bob the Welsh terrier at a Yellow Broom wedding in Cheshire

Eleanor and Toby had a super stylish wedding at the Yellow Broom in Cheshire. They were able to include their favourite four-footed friends to add even more personality to their day and make their photographer extra happy! What do dogs think of weddings I wonder? I’m sure they are slightly baffled by the whole business! I like to think that as they tend to pick up on the emotions of their owners they can sense the joy and happiness too.

Eleanor and her bridesmaids got ready in Knutsford at her Dad’s house where Milo the dachsund was completely non-plussed by all the strangers wandering in and out of her house. She went out for a quick look at the Rolls Royce and then went back to guarding the front door.

Meanwhile, at the Yellow Broom, Bob the Welsh terrier had given up trying to greet everyone and retreated under a table for a well earned rest. To be honest he looked a little bored during the ceremony but perked up once we got outside for some photos with his Mum and Dad who were now together as they should be.

Then came the wedding breakfast which Bob waited through very patiently snoozing between Mum and Dad’s chairs. Towards the end of the meal I did spot him on some people’s laps and I’m pretty sure he didn’t go hungry! Then it was back outside to take the flower girl for a walk and check out the Yellow Broom garden with all of its smells.

Bob then spent the evening snoozing while everyone danced the night away. He was impeccably behaved and probably thought everyone else had lost their marbles. I have to say if my dog were there he would have destroyed the place and eaten most of the food but Bob was the most impeccably behaved wedding guest. I hope Eleanor, Toby and Bob have lots more adventures together.

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