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I can’t believe it’s winter again already! This year has flown by and all of a sudden Christmas is just around the corner. At this time of year photographing weddings is quite different. The season brings some challenges as well as some opportunities that you don’t get in the summer. While all this is at the front of my mind I thought I’d give you some of my top tips for winter weddings.

 5 tips for winter weddings in the UK. Advice from a Cheshire based wedding photographer.

1. The main difference with winter weddings that us photographers really notice is the lack of daylight. It’s that time of year when it’s going to get dark really early and that does mean we’re under pressure to get photos done in an even more limited amount of time. So, make sure you discuss this with your photographer and plan some time for pictures before the sun goes down. Alternatively you can have pictures indoors and these can work well if your venue is suitable. Personally I find couples portraits inside are no problem but group shots can be a bit stressful. It’s a lot more difficult to light a whole group of people indoors and really depends on the space on at your venue. Just be aware of timings and remember that your photographer can’t take natural light photographs in the dark!

 Indoor photography at winter weddings. Some venues are ideal for indoor portraits in wet and cold weather.

2. Number two would again be that is going to get dark really early and this can be a really great thing. Sparklers and fireworks can be done in the early evening and if your venue has some pretty outdoor lighting then that can be used for some beautiful photos. You can also get some lovely early sunsets. In the winter the sun stays quite low and if it is sunny the light can be really beautiful all day long.

 Low light photography is perfect for winter weddings and taking advantage of those dark evenings.

3. A money saving tip! If you’re getting married in December you can use the venue decor. Nearly all venues are decorated beautifully for Christmas and I’ve been to some really gorgeous weddings where Christmas decorations blended in with the theme of the wedding. Ask to see pictures of your venue from last year and what they have planned. You can then add a few personal touches and build on the decor that’s already there. Why spend more money on decorations when you can use what’s already at your venue, which leads me onto number four.

 Christmas decorations at a winter wedding. A wonderful winter wedding at the Oaktree of Peover in Cheshire.

4. Embrace the season! Go with either a Christmas, New Year or white winter theme. Give your guests blankets to use and wrap your bridesmaids in fur. You could serve mulled wine and hot drinks, you could do hot cocoa and outdoor fires. You can really get into the winter spirit, have a frosty theme and really embrace the season.

 Bridesmaids in fur capes and blankets for your guests. ‘To have and to hold in case you get cold.’ Perfect for winter weddings.

5. Lastly we have to mention the weather. In this country we really can’t plan and to be perfectly honest you need a wet weather plan at any time of year. I have done weddings in November where it’s been beautifully sunny and bright and weddings in March when it has snowed really quite heavily. You can’t trust the British weather so make arrangements for rain and just make sure that your guests won’t be out in the cold for any length of time. Give them a hot drink and a blanket and they will love it.

So those are my top tips for winter weddings. If you’re planning a winter wedding for next year and you would like to talk through your options I am available for meetings over mulled wine and mince pies!

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