Mow Cop Engagement Shoot

Catching up on blogging some shoots from last year. Hannah and Matt wanted to include Molly the dog in their engagement shoot and so we headed to one of her favourite places for a walk. I’d never been up to Mow Cop castle before and although its not a place I would choose if it was windy(!) the views are incredible.

As it was we were blessed with a gorgeously sunny day and Molly the dog had a wonderful time running up and down the hills. Hannah and Matt are a joy to photograph and made my job so much fun. It was lovely staying so close to home too. Hannah grew up in Alsager just down the road and it was great to find this stunning location locally.

Soon I will share their amazing wedding, complete with Jimmy Choos, plate spinning and a big red bus but for now enjoy their bright and sunny engagement shoot. Oh, and Molly the dog!

  1. […] Matt and Hannah have been together for 10 years and have a big group of close friends who were all there to cheer them on. In fact Matt ended up with 3 best men because he just couldn’t choose between his friends! Their families were both a big part of their day as well with a special mention going to Hannah’s Granny who was just awesome. Check out her dancing at the end. The only person missing was Molly dog who sadly couldn’t make it but you can see her here at Hannah and Matt’s engagement shoot. […]

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