Paper flowers at a Yellow Broom restaurant wedding.

This was my first wedding of 2016 back in February. Beth and Rob were married at the lovely Yellow Broom restaurant in Twemlow, Cheshire. This wedding was recently featured on Brides Up North so I thought it was about time I got it posted to my blog too.

They say its lucky if it rains on your wedding day so Beth and Rob can look forward to a very lucky marriage!  It may have been cold and wet outside but inside the Yellow Broom it was warm, bright and very pretty. Beth had included lots of rustic details which brought a woodland theme inside. A particular feature was the paper flowers that made up the bouquets, buttonholes and adorned the cake. Rob is very allergic to flowers so Beth was wondering how to manage when she found Powells Petals who make beautiful paper flowers from the pages of your favourite books. I thought they were a really clever idea and worked perfectly for Rob and Beth.

The ceremony was simple and very sweet. Beth and Rob both seemed a little nervous until Beth said “Okey-Dokey” to the registrar which had everyone giggling. It’s not something she usually says but I’m sure from now on it will be mentioned frequently!

Despite the rain we managed to get some lovely pictures and the indoor olive trees even gave a bit of a natural outdoor look. I was only with Beth and Rob for a short time but it was a really lovely wedding and a great way to start off 2016. I wish them all the best for a beautiful marriage.

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