How I came to be a Wedding Photographer

When I started photography as a hobby I had so much fun. I spent hours photographing butterflies in the garden and snapping away at my kids and my dog. I would send the film away and wait impatiently for the results. Invariably they were disappointing. I’ve always known how I want a picture to look. The problem back then was I didn’t know how to make that happen.

First I went to photography school where I learnt how to play around with exposure in the dark room and how to shoot in a studio. Then I swapped over to digital. Suddenly everything speeded up. No more waiting and wondering if you got it right, instant results. So much better.

I suppose I could describe myself as a bit of an impatient artist. I loved wildlife photography but once I started to understand light it got pretty frustrating. To begin with I was very happy photographing animals where I could find them. But then I wanted them in the right place in a certain light. I take my hat off to those wildlife photographers who achieve that. They are rarely lucky, most of the time those shots have taken weeks of planning, watching and waiting. It turns out I’m not that patient.

When I found wedding photography it was because some friends talked me into joining them on a course. Being a good student I thought I’d better do some reading about this whole wedding business. That was when I found Jasmine Star and became hooked. If you don’t know who she is go check her out. She shoots beautiful weddings in gorgeous Californian light but more than anything else she makes wedding photography so much fun. Since then I’ve taken numerous courses, workshops and lessons building on how to capture images as I want them to look. It’s mainly about light and learning how to see it and use it in an image. That’s what I enjoy and is usually what I’m thinking about when I’m shooting your images.

The impatient artist in me loves wedding photography. Its fast paced and high pressure. There is an element of control though. I can to some extent choose the light and of course control the composition. Its an exciting mix of deciding what to do with the elements you are given in the time you have. As you build in experience you start to trust yourself much more knowing immediately what you want from each scene. Now I see light in a whole new way and can get a bit over-excited about a reflection or a sunset. I love every minute of it and for me a wedding day goes by so fast. It doesn’t feel like work. So when you see me on a wedding day looking hot, tired and weighed down with gear don’t worry, I’m having the time of my life.

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