Cheshire Cat Engagement Photography

So maybe the title should read an engagement shoot in Cheshire that features a cat or two, but I couldn’t resist.

Simon and Natalie have just 4 sleeps to go until their wedding day so I thought I had better get on with it and post their recent engagement session.

Way back when we first met Natalie said she would love to include her cats in the engagement shoot if possible. I quite often have dogs along for a shoot but never before have I tried to include cats. Luckily Theo the cat was very amenable and seemed to enjoy all the extra attention. His sister Dora however was not having any of it and after a couple of quick snaps she hid under the bed and refused to come out. This, I think, says a lot about cats. As does the picture above which I think needs a thought bubble over his head. It would make a great caption competition!

After some cat wrangling we headed over to Combermere Abbey where these two will tie the knot on Monday. Its going to be a beautiful day filled with lots of laughs and love. I can’t wait! Sadly the cats can’t make it to the wedding though so you will just have to enjoy them here…

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