OMG, I’m engaged! What do I do now?

Well firstly congratulations! Now, breathe. Hopefully you’ve had at least a week to get used to the extra weight on that ring finger and more than one bottle of champagne to celebrate. If not do that first! Planning a wedding is super exciting and it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions from now until the wedding. There is lots to do but before you rush out to try on dresses I have some possibly slightly boring but practical and hopefully useful advice. It’s time to do your homework. “Really, homework!” I hear you say. Yes. A wedding is a huge investment and even if you want to keep things simple they have a habit of taking on a life of their own and morphing into something you weren’t expecting. You have lots of choices and the best way to start is with some research so that you know what those choices are.

If I was planning a wedding again now, the first thing I would do would be to head over to the wedding blogs. They are full of inspiration, advice and information you won’t have even thought to search for. Each blog has it’s own style so you should quite quickly be able to find one or two that suit you. Sign up to follow those blogs and you’ll have all sorts of wedding related goodness popping into your inbox every day. You can search through the real weddings to find your perfect wedding style or maybe just a good idea for favours. All the blogs have pinterest boards too so don’t forget to follow them and get pinning! Here is a list of my favourite blogs and how I think they come across style wise.

B.Loved – a beautifully styled and elegant blog. Includes lifestyle and baby blogs too so you can keep on following for years to come.

Boho-Weddings – weddings with a slight bohemian tendency, think festival themes, teepee weddings and DIY details.

Love My Dress – all sorts of beautifully styled weddings. I love the emphasis here on emotion and what’s really important.

Wedding Sparrow – breathtakingly beautiful fine art weddings. Think vineyards and French chateaux.

London Bride – all sorts of gorgeous weddings in our capital city.

Bridal Musings – beautifully styled weddings from around the world.

Cwtch the Bride – weddings in Wales and with any sort of Welsh theme.

Rock My Wedding – incredibly cool weddings with all sorts of styles. Always with great photography.

So You’re Getting Married – lots of advice, inspiration and real weddings organised by theme and budget.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – tending towards bohemian inspired, whimsical weddings.

A little word of warning. The blogs can be a little too inspiring. Before you know it you desperately need a steampunk wedding in a graveyard or a princess theme in castle! Enjoy the inspiration for what it is but remember to keep the wedding about you. You’ll find lots of advice about setting a budget, picking a date, choosing your wedding party and finding a venue. Enjoy it. This is exciting stuff and as each little piece falls into place you are one step closer to being married.

So, once you’ve found some blogs that you enjoy you can start thinking about the style of photography that you like. Pick a few real weddings that you think are beautiful and you should start to see a pattern in the pictures you enjoy. Are they light and bright, dark and moody, quirky or classic? Some couples will know exactly what they want straight away but its ok if you don’t. Lots of photographers offer a mix of styles and all you really need is a general idea of what you’re looking for. Now you’re ready to find your photographer. I’ll be talking about that in my next post. Leave your email address below and I will send my wedding planning blog post series straight to your inbox.

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