Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow – Wedding Photography

Kevin and Karen were married back in May at Stanneylands Hotel in Wilmslow. This couple really like a laugh and their wedding was so much fun. They went for an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ theme with masses of balloons to complete the look.

As Kevin waited patiently for Karen to walk down the aisle the ‘Jaws’ theme tune came on. It’s quite difficult to take pictures when your shaking with laughter! Karen and Kevin’s daughter wore beautiful fairy wings and behaved like an angel throughout the sweet service. We then went outside to release balloons and send them on their way with happy wishes.

Karen and Kevin obviously have the same wicked sense of humour. Speaking as someone who has been married for 15 years I can say that being able to make each other laugh is one of the best things ever. These two have many laughs ahead of them. I wish them and their beautiful daughter Lou all the happiness in the world.

By the way, if your into trance you may recognise Kevin as one of N-Trance. You can check them out here.

  1. These photos are awesome. I used to Love NTrance!! Set me free was a great tune! ha

  2. Well ! this is an amazing hotel wedding photography. Photography is an art and you have performed quite well.

  3. Rashel Ahmed says:

    Amazing wedding photography, Looking so much, Thanks

  4. All photographs are looking brilliant . I’m impressed to see your captured . Great thanks guy for this post .

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